A Day in the Life

The Coog

Army Life, Part 2, is made up of a series of candid Polaroid Swinger photos taken during my first two months in Korea. To bring you up to date, I was a member of the Army Entertainment Corps, also known as the General's Chorus, and lived in Recreation Compound #1. The compound was part of the 2d Division and was located only a few miles from the dreaded DMZ. In 1967 skirmishes between North and South Korea were still an everyday occurrence in the DMZ (and sometimes north and south of it), and you could occasionally hear the sounds of artillery fire in the distance. Once, after performing at the Peace Center in P'anmunjom-ni, five of us were returning south through the DMZ in an old Ford van that barely ran. The van, which was not an Army vehicle (it belonged to Special Services--the organization that ran the service clubs), stalled going up a hill and four of us began to push it to the top just as artillery shells started whizzing over our heads. The explosions had a terrific energizing effect, and we pushed the van up and over the hill faster than the van could have made it on its own.

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