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San Josť Rock Invasion-1969

Behind the stage reading the evening edition. Headlines say, "San Jose Rock Invasion."

Chris Mosher, lead singer for Throckmorton, in front of a few of the 65,000 people who attended that weekend.

In 1969 members of several San Josť communes organized a free "counter concert" at Spartan Field during the same weekend as a heavily promoted commercial concert at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, barely a mile away. The number of people who attended the two concerts came close to 100,000, which prompted the very conservative and Republican (at the time) San Josť Mercury newspaper to call it a "Rock Invasion." Nearly all news about the events was negative even though both concerts were relatively harmless, except for a few Hell's Angels and drunken/drugged rowdies who got a little out of hand. Today's sporting events usually have more problems than that.

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