If you've been here a lot, you know that I have had several websites. I'm now concentrating fully on Coog Instruments & Folk Art, which is the name for my musical instruments and crafts. My other websites, coog.com and mogozuzu.com are now combined, with mogozuzu.com a subweb of coog.com. There are a lot of changes in store, and the mogozuzu.com sections will be works-in-progress for a while. Keep checking back!

So, for now, it's "Onward through the fog," as usual...

Coog.com is my "personal" website. I also have my art website at www.cooginstruments.com, which is my folk instrument business website. Mogo/Zuzu is the home of Mogo/Zuzu Records & Video, as well as a lot of fun stuff--like MIDI and digital music, a history of comics, and an overview of pulp magazines. For new visitors, here's how coog.com is arranged:
  • ANALOG COOG - My literary side. I've been writing since I was in the second grade, been published in Sunset, InTech, and Sensors (industrial trade journals), and even won a couple of awards at a San Josť State University writing competition. I'll post the occasional article or verbose rambling here as well as climb up on my soap box to rant, rave, and/or praise people, places, and/or things happening here on the sunny side of the bay, Santa Cruz.
  • ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL COOG - is my personal history area. This section houses slide shows and panoramic images created with MGI's PhotoVista program. The slide shows highlight different eras in my life: horse years, army years, hippie years, and my later music years. The panoramas are partial and 360 degree panoramic views of places I've visited over the last ten years.
  • DIGITAL COOG - is where the Baudlands of Cyberia are, which is my favorite links page, where you can head off in other internet directions.

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