The following scans were made from 16mm slides I took with a little Minolta pocket (spy) camera I bought at the Tokyo Hilton Arcade. I stayed at that hotel for three days before the next Army flight to Korea was available. Forgive the poor quality. The slides have deteriorated a little, and the small film size was hard to scan, even at high resolutions.

Pusan, South Korea

pusan1.jpg (13578 bytes)

This slide show series is of my first concert tour with The Showmen to Pusan and the surrounding area. Pusan, like nearly all of Korea, is full of hills and low mountains. This first picture is of the harbor taken from the grounds of the building in the next picture.

Pusan was known at one time at the Riviera of the Orient. It had always been a vacation destination because of its beaches, temperate climate, and hotels. This picture is of one of the newer hotels built in the early 1960's to house the more affluent Koreans and the increasing number of Americans being stationed in South Korea. We didn't stay there, we always got housed in "transient" barracks on the local army bases.

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